Battling Anxiety as Teens (+important posting announcement!)

It was midnight, and I was hyperventilating.

I was trying to stifle the huge sobs rolling down my face. Irrational fears and “what if’s” were racing through my head at lightning speed.

I was struggling to breathe normally. It was an anxiety attack, and I couldn’t stop it.

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Why it’s important to rest

As March begins, many schools are anticipating or concluding their winter vacations.

Me and many others are treasuring every moment of our precious freedom, abstaining from anything education-related, and dreading the moments when we’ll have to set our alarm clocks to 5:45 am the night before vacation ends.

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love to learn! But it’s also important to rest.

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3 lessons from winning the state spelling bee

On Saturday, I won the state spelling bee.

It was an incredible day, and I will always treasure these memories.

I’m so thankful to all of the people that supported me on this journey… who quizzed me on the study packet, for the teachers that constantly checked up on how the studying was going, for my sister who worked with me late at night and made up hilarious and ridiculous memory hooks for the definitions… I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you. Thanks for your constant love and support! 🙂

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You are loved and beautiful in Christ

Our culture has an undeniable obsession with physical appearances.

We desire to look as “cute” and “trendy” as possible, while judging the people that aren’t as stylish as we are.

Physical appearances are usually leading factors in determining our social status, our self esteem, and our confidence.

But what happens when we don’t look as attractive as we aspire to be? What happens when we get a bad breakout, or our jeans are beginning to hug our legs after gaining a few pounds?

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The Power of Love

My teacher told my class once that she heard one student shouting “I love you!” to another student down the hallway.

“But love is deeper than that,” she told us, smiling. “I don’t think you really know who you love yet!” The whole class started laughing, and we didn’t think about it much afterward.

But to be honest, I think she’s right.

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Dear teen: You won’t be overcome

Have you felt overwhelmed lately?

Maybe you’ve gone through a difficult breakup. Maybe you’ve been constantly bullied or made fun of or you’re having trouble finding friends. Maybe you’re struggling at school… you’re trying to be a light for God but it feels so dark.

When things like these happen, it often feels so hopeless. We want to hide from the stress or the pain. We don’t want to face those people again. We’re scared to return to the place that’s making us so anxious.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Heart on Fire for God After a Retreat

A few weeks ago, my youth group and I returned from our winter retreat.

It was an incredible time of strengthening our friendships with each other, getting a break from our everyday lives, and growing spiritually.

Whenever I return from retreats like this one, I’m incredibly motivated. I reread my notes from the speaker, start praying more regularly, and resolve to read my Bible every day. But after a little while, the spiritual high begins to fall to pieces and I’m back to the same routine I had before.

Today, I want to share 3 ways to be committed to Christ after returning from retreats (and stay that way).

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Why I’m Pro-Life

Hello everyone! Yesterday was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and today I’m sharing why I’m pro-life.

The topic of abortion never used to interest me, but when I listened to this podcast with my dad, it caught my interest immediately.

Out of curiosity, I began to read more about it. What I found was fascinating… and horrifying.

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3 Ways to Find Joy in Doing What’s Right

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one trying to do the right thing?

Maybe you’re striving for purity, but you’re easily discouraged after seeing your classmates’ seductive Instagram posts.

Maybe you’re aspiring to have a cheerful attitude while you’re doing your chores, but you’re the only one that cares enough to try.

Maybe you’re attempting to do your best on your math homework, but your classmates make it painfully obvious that they don’t care about school.

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4 Resolutions to Glorify God in 2019

Spend less time on social media. Lose 10 pounds. Save more money. Start eating fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. Take up a new skill or hobby.

These are just a few of many common New Year’s resolutions… and these are all good, God-given blessings. I love setting new goals for myself every January! None of these are inherently sinful.

But they share one thing in common: instead of using these gifts to glorify our Maker, we have the potential to use them for ourselves and our benefits.

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