What a Blueberry Bush Taught Me About God

My family loves blueberry picking. Actually, we love every kind of fruit picking! It’s always near the top of our bucket list.

Last summer, we decided to go blueberry picking at a new farm we hadn’t been to before. The plump, juicy berries were so ripe they were practically falling off the branches. We were hungry and looking forward to the warm sweetness of the berries that would melt across our tongues.

Before we could start picking, the owners told us their biggest rule about their berries… we couldn’t start picking berries from a new bush until we had picked all of the berries from the last one.

After eating more berries than we’d like to admit, my family finally lugged our full buckets over to the market stand to pay.

In the car on our way home, my dad randomly remarked, “staying at one bush really helped me to enjoy the blueberry picking more. I kept wanting to go to a different bush, but then I would find more and more berries hidden underneath the branches!”

And as strange as this might sound, what he said really made me think about God -and life- in a completely different way.

There is so much more to discover than what’s on the surface level.

Pretend with me that you’re returning from a retreat and you’re on fire for God.

Let’s say that your life is the first bush that you started picking berries from. You’re excited about your faith, you’re picking all the berries, everything’s going great.

But as you get back to your everyday life, your devotions start to get boring and prayer gets monotonous. Everything is back to the same way it was before. There’s only a few shriveled berries left on the surface.

You see other “bushes”- popularity, relationships, fashion, technology. Their berries start to look a whole lot bluer than yours!

And while these things aren’t bad, when we’re constantly searching for something else to satisfy us -especially in our relationship with God- it just leaves us feeling emptier than before.

But maybe… at least according to the blueberry farm owners… there is so much more to be found beneath the branches.

Maybe you’ve committed to dressing modestly, but it gets old fast. Instead of venturing into more immodest fashion trends, you can start looking beneath the branches… maybe you’ll discover something new!

It’s especially true with faith. There is so much more of God to be discovered. Even when we keep “wanting to go to a different bush” like my dad had said, it’s important to keep looking beneath the branches.

We’ll keep discovering more of God and growing in our relationship with Him, as well as finding more value and contentment in the simple things of life.

I promise that whatever you think is going to satisfy you, whatever other bushes you go to… it’s never going to give you lasting happiness.

Look past the surface level. Look past the instant gratification that so many other things have to offer.

Instead, trust God that He will satisfy you eternally.

Love, Anna 💖

4 thoughts on “What a Blueberry Bush Taught Me About God

  1. What a great post, Anna!! I’t’s so easy to look at what everyone else is doing and compare. However, the things in this world are temporary. Even if we don’t realize it! God is the true joy-giver and should be our satisfaction, for He is eternal and will never leave us. This world may give us what we want now, but will it last? Of course not. That’s why we must pray and ask God to help us allow Him to satisfy our hearts. Allow Him to be your everything! 😊❤

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